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Gadget News

It was a matter of time until a growing market evolved around the iPad comprising all sorts of accessories [...] Read full article >>

This week in NYC, at the Barnes & Noble event, the company unveiled their newest e-reader: Nook Color. [...] Read full article >>

Today HTC Europe has enriched its army of Android smartphones with one more addition: the "HTC Gratia". [...] Read full article >>
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Featured Articles

The newest Android smartphone, born from the Google-HTC collaboration, has inherited both the great looks of its HTC predecessors and the powerful features of Google’s platform. [...] Read full article >>

The last iPod Nano, fifth generation, is available in the dual format of either 8 or 16 GB, priced at $149 and $179. Which is quite an acceptable price in the current range [...] Read full article >>

The Play Station Portable, widely known as PSP, was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment, and is a game console with robust multi-media capabilities. [...] Read full article >>

Not all Play Station games have a PSP version, due to the limitations imposed by the small gadget. But the ones that do, and others created especially for PSP, bring endless hours of addicted enjoyment. Here's a weekly top of the most widely loved games, to help you waste your time directly with the most viciously entertaining games. :) [...] Read full article >>

A digital video is a video recording that uses a digital video signal, rather than an old analogue recording system. Here you have a list consisting of the most common used digital video formats [...] Read full article >>

What Is TuvaBox?

TuvaBox is here to provide help and information on anything related to entertainment, media devices, problems regarding software and hardware functionality, iPods, PSPs, Zunes and everything that comes with the action of playing a video, listening to music or playing a game. Add some fun, spiced up with online assistance from our team of media gadget lovers and you have TuvaBox, an interactive resourceful wizz character.

Why a box? Well, we thought that anyone has a Tuva Box, which is the kind of box (drawer, shelf, bag, basket and all the like) where you put all those things you don't really use but you don't really want to throw away because you know one day you might need them again. One of those boxes with old records, office supplies, notes, recipes, tools, bills and all the like. TuvaBox is sort of like this. Only organized and daily updated.  :-)

We've stuffed our website with everything we know by now on how to get the maximum out of your iPod, for example, or in general any media device. We've played with almost everything there is to be played with, in terms of entertainment gadgets so we've come up with the idea of this website, where anyone can find an answer to his problem, whether it comes from our pre-existing database, or from our online support where we will try our best to meet your needs.

The database consists of numerous articles providing pieces of information on technical details and specs about devices like iPods, PSPs and Zunes and on software related to them and issues concerning specific requirements for each device, like audio and video formats. We've also scribbled up some how-to articles, which take you step by step into solving problems regarding conversions or different device settings.

If your problem can't be solved by accessing our database, then just pop a question to TuvaBox and Tuva will do it's best and search for an answer. Basically this is the TuvaBox purpose, but keep in mind that we keep our database up to date and we always search for new media toys to mess with so you don't have to! Don't wreck your iPod if you just want to change a battery, just ask us and we'll tell you what to do.

This been said, all you have to do now is take a look through our TuvaBox and enjoy the best you can get from your media gadget. 

Why we love gadgets

We built TuvaBox as a big home for video, music and game related gadgets; a home where all gadgets stay together waiting to be discovered by you and where you can find useful information about them. We offered gadgets a home and we offered us the possibility to discover and enjoy them.

For us - the team of TuvaBox - a gadget signifies the success of the human mind through the advance of technology. Day by day new things are discovered and new possibilities are created. Gadgets are the proof of such things. But, when all these started?

We have been using gadgets for almost 2000 years now and we still think that they belong to the modern world. A gadget is a technological novelty that appears at one point in time. Certainly that our ancestors did not have gadgets such as the iPhone or the iPod, but instead they had an astrolabe, an ancient GPS, a compass, a pocketwatch and many, many more. What we think today as obsolete, in the past were great inventions that have changed man's perception about the world he lived in and about himself. If a gadget is now a tool that helps us in our daily tasks, and also a tool for entertainment, in the past it was a tool of knowledge and, sometimes, a tool of rebellion.

Now it feels ordinary to have in our back pocket a smartphone, but if we don't, it feels catastrophically. Today's gadgets have changed our entire lifestyle: the way we communicate, the way we travel, the way we listen to music, the way we play, the way we work, the way we learn, and also the way we relate to each other. Pieces of our life can be found inside a phone or a laptop: photos, numbers, messages, names and other details about us. Imagine what it means to lose them.

So, we love our gadgets as they don't complain when we drop them, they give us patiently all the information we want, they keep safe all our valuable data, they keep us in touch with the world, they can entertain us, they can be small enough to fit in a tinny bag, can be shinny and colorful or personalized, and we can take them almost everywhere we go and they are built to resist a lifetime.

In this era, gadgets are widely used, widely know, widely talked about and new gadgets are widely awaited. But, no matter what reasons we have to love them or not, something is very clear - we certainly need them and we depend on them.

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